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about blogging

I’m really so lucky to be born in a modern era where everyone can write freely what they want in internet, and i used to write about my daily life and my thoughts that often not that appropriate to be exposed, or i just can’t find anyone to share to, maybe I’m afraid that people will think that I’m goofy and nerdy, that’s why I kept all my thinkings in my head, and just write some part of it here.

however, since last year, I hooked up with photography, and got a little bit busy ever since, because you know, it’s something new for me, and so I spend more time to update my photoblogs than this blog, I feel guilty, but live in Taiwan, i felt that my life is so busy and full of pressure, not that I’m complaining, but just to tell the loyal readers why i seemed to neglect this blog. lately I’ve also made new blog, it’s called fisherman horizon, you can find the link at the sidebar, there i wrote about my diary of spiritual journey, it’s more related to christianity and bible, I tried to separate “religious” writings with “secular” writings, but then i find that it’s impossible, because, I’m a christian, and therefore my point of view, my thinkings are very “biased” (although i don’t think that it’s biased, it’s just me). I am me, so I’ll not be afraid for my friends to think of me that I’m “too religious” because actually 24hours a day, that’s my way of thinking, so, I’ll be true to myself, and not letting the worries of “what will people think of me” get in the way, nothing much will change though, I’ll just write light, daily stuff, but maybe with more amount of honesty towards myself and God compared to what I wrote here.

I won’t close this blog, it’ll still available, but I’ll write there more often, thanks for your attention, i know most of you come because you search for Josh Holloway, he’s quite a nice guy, but there’s an amazing friend that is a lot nicer than him, His name is Jesus, and go to my fisherman horizon blog to know much more about Him and His love letters, God bless you!



[my own photo! yay! don’t have to copy from google again!]

if i can turn back the time (to you who think that this topic is absolutely nonsense, stop reading now)

there’s this one thing that i would cancel.

i’d like to cancel my very own 17th birthday party,


it’s really very complicated,

let me tell you about what 17th birthday party means to a chinese indonesian girl

for most of the girls in my family, school. neighborhood, 17th birthday party is sacred, Continue reading ‘apologetic’


recycling photos

this is a post related to photography, i don’t intend to sound like a pro, but “always get it right” isn’t my motto, because since we have editing programs, we can crop and rotate, and here i want to show you, never discard any photos in your camera, discard the ones you don’t like after seeing it in the computer, not just that sometimes your camera’s little screen is deceitful, but also you can still save that picture. the question is how??

i’m using adobe photoshop lightroom to edit almost my every photos posted on flickr and aminus3, and today i’ll show you how i make a good photo out of an ordinary photo.

case #1



in my opinion, the edited version is much more interesting than the raw version. i only rotate it a little bit and add more contrast.

case #2:



after elimination of other leaf on the left, the focus of the photo is in the center, make it more interesting and easier to be “consumed” by the eyes.

actually, it’s all depends on feeling, because i have done this even before i know about the “framing law” in the world of digital imaging (by imagining there are 9 invisible blocks to fill in every frame) , so take more pictures, make more mistakes, learn from them and it’s not bad to play a little bit with editing software, good luck!


loving the smell

i don’t know about you,

but i love the smell of several things, that maybe considered as smelly or disturbing

such as….

white board marker


CDs (i kind a love the smell of plastic)

that’s all i can remember at the moment…

and making some of my friends surprised, i’m really not fond of the rain’s smell

especially the smell from the soil, it’s just yuck for me… >.<

what about you? tell me!



i’m deciding to go back to my roots and just continue to write in this blog, because….

i don’t know…

i’ve spent too much time taking and editing photographs, that i forgot about writing!

so i’ll be writing somethins very soon,

and if you are interested, i’m active also to write in my (my other blog, well i do have bazillion of blogs)

but i’ve decided, beside flickr, i’ll update only these two (how many times did i broke my own promises??)

please help me to cure my addiction to create new blogs with your comments in this blog, haha

thanks to my silent and loyal readers, i appreciate it a lot~


oh my goodness!!!

during my high school days, i’m a lot closer to the boys in my class, and they introduce me to formula 1, so i madly fell in love with F1 especially renault team during that years, i collected the magazines, i watched every race regardless of time slots (since the races are always moving around the world), and i was such a HUGE fan of fernando alonso (even my mom still remembers his name up until now, which i think is amazing, well maybe i did babble too much about him)

nelson piquet Jr-Flavio briatore – fernando alonso

the huge shock is, last week my old friend told me that Alonso would be wearing red for next season, means he is joining ferrari team, i was totally shocked, but i guess it’ll open opportunity to him to shine because renault team did poorly for 2 years, but what makes my jaw dropped is when i read that renault team is suspended from formula 1 for two years because the manager (flavio briatore) and pat symonds created a fake crash of nelson piquet Jr (renault’s other driver) in order to make fernando alonso win the race.

let me explain for you who don’t watch formula 1: whenever there’s a little or big crash or accident during a race, Continue reading ‘oh my goodness!!!’


photography fever

dear beloved readers..

have you all realize that there is a photography (pro) fever everywhere around the world? there’s massive increasing amount of photoblogs, and i’m taking part in it too. i’m guessing this all happens because major digital SLR lowered their product prices, many years ago, DSLR cameras were VERYY expensive that the buyers and client are just the people who make living with photography, the ones who owns DSLR camera and accessories for hobbies usually were rich people. but now, it’s all different story, the major companies, in order to cope with economy crisis (that’s what i think) decide that the best strategy to get more profit is to make cheaper products that’s available for beginners, a smart move.

and the more i think, the more i realize that there are maybe 10 or more friends of mine are having DSLR camera, and almost everyone is determined to be a photographer, and their photos are quite amazing too, then i want to “prove” to myself that i’m not bad either, so i tried my best to learn how to use picture editing softwares, first thing i use was , it’s very convinient, easy to use, and fun too. and then i tried photoshop for a while, but wow… it’s really difficult for me, i’m having such a love-hate relationship with it, haha. after browsing a lot of photoblogs, i discovered a software called lightroom, it’s photoshop’s sister, but so much easier to use, and you can download free presets (a ready to use editing package), you just have to click and voila, the picture turns amazing and instantly my gallery looked a lot more like a pro photographer (self-exaggerated,haha). Continue reading ‘photography fever’

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