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hey guys, i’m considering to migrate to tumblr, because they are so cool, and they gives full authority for the users to modify EVERYTHING¬† for free, and i’m really impressed. i like wordpress too, but the temptation to be able to post mp3 songs, high-res photos, follow and reblog other user and their posts, change the css settings, is really tempting…

so i’m starting to write there from today, and this month is a trial period, i don’t know whether i’ll permanently move to tumblr or not, so for you who’s really want to follow my stories, you can follow me at private laughter (yes, i named it as my photoblog, because i like it!)

thanks and please visit my new blog!


an undeniable thrist of mine

i’m a person who always care for the other’s acceptance of me in everything i do, it’ll bother me when i know that somebody hate me or dislike me or things i’ve done.

including photography, i got to admit, i start to like photography because my senior (Bege) always praised me that i’m talented, i took great pictures with no such effort, naturally perfect, etc. actually i never know whether he said it just to make me happy, or to make me fall in love with photography. but it’s like magic, i used to see DSLR cameras as stupid lame heavy black brick, which used by professional photographer, and i didn’t even want to touch it. but all of that i began to slowly understand about photography and always want to buy one.

And good God, He listens to my prayers and He gave me a DSLR, a nikon d40, it’s second handed, my cousin asked me if i want to buy her camera, because her hubby want to upgrade to nikon d90, so now i’m waiting for it to come to taipei.

the thing that’s bothering me, that i’m afraid that all of this, the claims that i’ve made that i love photography, is just my own thirst to be praised or recognized by people. i’m afraid that all this things is just to please the other’s eyes, and i’ll try as hard as i can to get my photoes really impressive and maybe i’ll force myself to learn about photoshop really hard to polish my works. because it’ll be very tiring !! Continue reading ‘an undeniable thrist of mine’


get a grip!


as i posted before, about old friends “it’s the truth” it is true that relationship is not based on memories but based on contact maintenance.

i’m feeling that one of my good friend, slowly becomes regular friend since he’s not here anymore, if i see the pictures, if i play the movie of our time together (with the others too) in my brain, tears can drop from my eyes, but i ain’t going to waste my tears anymore, it’s stupid.

i just want to remind you, get a grip of your present friends, spend GOOD times with them as much as possible, and tell them what you think of them personally, don’t wait until you’re apart, because it’ll means nothing, so try to do everything you want to do with them, before it’s too late and all you can do is just remembring the stupid movie about old times in your brain, like what i used to do.

Continue reading ‘get a grip!’


not again


my emotion is taking over my brain again

i don’t want to be a sensitive person

it only hurt me more and more

but how can i stop it?

can i give my brain back to God ? Continue reading ‘not again’


knight in shining armor

hard to get isn’t it?

well,  my bicycle was broken 2 days ago, and i took it to bike shop inside my campus, there is a part timer there who help me with my bike, with few magics, he fixed my bike. FREE!

i know it sounds stupid, but for me, at that moment, he IS my knight in shining armor, which in indonesian i’ll say he is “pangeran tanpa tanda jasa”


this is the picture of the shop, where my knight is always ready to mend my bike anytime.


no no no


almost exploded today

i just realize the power of anger

you who know me personally maybe think that i’m a patient person, and i agree with that.

but today, because of one person’s unbelievably ridiculous behaviors i almost lose control and go mad in front of people whom i respects.

thank God, i was able to take a deep breath and then my control cells kicked out my explosive anger.

it’s not his fault 100%, because i let him to speak, since i was lazy to do so, so he went mad and talked like a 40 year old perverted uneducated man, without even thinking about the others.

i blame myself

i blame myself

i think it’s really the time for me to learn how to speak chinese better.




Love is patient

Love is kind and is not jealous

love does not brag and is not arrogant,does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

Love never fails

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Continue reading ‘valentine’

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