just want to promote my new photoblog

please visit and comment       private laughter

actually i got no intentions to be a photographer, it’s a job that needs high focus and dedication, i just want to take photographs, and have fun with it, without having to make my my clients nor my audience happy,

i’ll be ecstatic if people like my works, but that’s not my main goal, i want to learn photographic skills so that i can get pictures the way i want that too, (wow, very arrogant, am i?) and i just got my nikon d40 with kit lens , i’m happy with it, can’t ask for better camera with that price,size, and weight, it’s very light and cute, perfect for beginners (with limited budget) like me.


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1. God bless my whole big family and friends
2. practice my chinese more often
3. be a dilligent student
4. loss 4 kgs
5. saving money
6. be a better daughter, better sister

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