oh my goodness!!!

during my high school days, i’m a lot closer to the boys in my class, and they introduce me to formula 1, so i madly fell in love with F1 especially renault team during that years, i collected the magazines, i watched every race regardless of time slots (since the races are always moving around the world), and i was such a HUGE fan of fernando alonso (even my mom still remembers his name up until now, which i think is amazing, well maybe i did babble too much about him)

nelson piquet Jr-Flavio briatore – fernando alonso

the huge shock is, last week my old friend told me that Alonso would be wearing red for next season, means he is joining ferrari team, i was totally shocked, but i guess it’ll open opportunity to him to shine because renault team did poorly for 2 years, but what makes my jaw dropped is when i read that renault team is suspended from formula 1 for two years because the manager (flavio briatore) and pat symonds created a fake crash of nelson piquet Jr (renault’s other driver) in order to make fernando alonso win the race.

let me explain for you who don’t watch formula 1: whenever there’s a little or big crash or accident during a race, there will be a police car out from the garage to organize the cars, the police car will be just a sedan car, and it would be on a normal sedan car speed on a street, therefore, every car will line up, and the distance that the drivers create between them would be gone, they will line up again within very close distance, and then there’s more, there’s fuel strategy, because each of the car would have to fill their fuel tank several times during a race, if you put more your car will be heavy, not so fast, if you put too few, your car would be too light and easy to slip, but i won’t explain why it matters upon the “fake crash” coz it’ll be too complicated for you to understand

but yeah, it makes me sad and confused, why would the manager did that? just for a first place, he sacrificed the other driver of his own team, and destroyed his emotional bond with the team too. i stopped to watch formula 1 in taiwan because i have no tv in my dorm, and i don’t know how to watch it live from internet, and my fave team-renault wasn’t doing a good job and also fernando alonso, so it’s not so interesting to watch anymore for me. i guess it’s a lot easier to support a winning team than a disappointing team huh? i admit i’m not a loyal fan.

i fell in love with this blue beast (with mild seven as it’s main sponsor, that’s why it’s blue,and i like blue the most)

but now the main sponsor is ING (before the scandal and suspension) therefore it’s ugly yellow (>.<)


2 Responses to “oh my goodness!!!”

  1. December 14, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Hello! Thanks for following me on tumblr. I found ur site kinda interesting too! hehe love some of ur photography work as well. hope we get to meet each other someday or at least inspire each other day in day out hey? 😉


  2. December 14, 2009 at 8:15 am

    thanks a lot alvin, i followed you first at aminus3, then i realized you’re christian too, hehe, thanks for liking my photos, although they can’t be compared to your gorgeous works =P

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