photography fever

dear beloved readers..

have you all realize that there is a photography (pro) fever everywhere around the world? there’s massive increasing amount of photoblogs, and i’m taking part in it too. i’m guessing this all happens because major digital SLR lowered their product prices, many years ago, DSLR cameras were VERYY expensive that the buyers and client are just the people who make living with photography, the ones who owns DSLR camera and accessories for hobbies usually were rich people. but now, it’s all different story, the major companies, in order to cope with economy crisis (that’s what i think) decide that the best strategy to get more profit is to make cheaper products that’s available for beginners, a smart move.

and the more i think, the more i realize that there are maybe 10 or more friends of mine are having DSLR camera, and almost everyone is determined to be a photographer, and their photos are quite amazing too, then i want to “prove” to myself that i’m not bad either, so i tried my best to learn how to use picture editing softwares, first thing i use was picnik.com , it’s very convinient, easy to use, and fun too. and then i tried photoshop for a while, but wow… it’s really difficult for me, i’m having such a love-hate relationship with it, haha. after browsing a lot of photoblogs, i discovered a software called lightroom, it’s photoshop’s sister, but so much easier to use, and you can download free presets (a ready to use editing package), you just have to click and voila, the picture turns amazing and instantly my gallery looked a lot more like a pro photographer (self-exaggerated,haha).

soon, i published some of my best photos in facebook and other photoblogs, and my friends are praising them, praising my skills, on amount that makes me really proud of myself (GR in indonesian), but then, when i went to perth, i met my cousin’s husband, who is trying to change job to be a photographer, actually he is also the previous owner of my nikon d40. he have 3 dslr cameras and 11 lenses, and he’s such a nice person, he let me play with whatever i want, he even let me borrows the lens of my dream for days.

after experiencing different lenses on my camera, i realize that putting new lens allows me to took amazing pictures, especially the macro lens, wow, and i said to myself, no wonders pro photographers can get beautiful photos effortlessly (no offense), it’s because they have the gears! also, there are a lot of editing software available now,which can make ordinary photo “bim-sa-la-bim-abracadabra” turn to be a very great photo.so trust me, whoever are you, if you got a nice DSLR camera on your hand and you can operate editing software, in a 10 minutes you can produce a pro photographer level photos, even if you have no photography skills.

back then when everything wasn’t digitalized, no computers, the photographers were “real” photographers, they really worked hard to get great pictures, because they know it’s all depends on how and when you press the shutter button, you can’t see it right after you took it, and those films still need to go through process before become a photo paper.

i’m very lucky to have many generous people around me to teach me stuff, and youtube to teach me how to edit photos, but i just want to challenge myself, not to be too dependent on editing or great camera, but to put a lot emphasize on framing, natural lightning, and angle-ing.

my photographer friends, don’t be offended, i still think that photography is art, which has abstract definition, photoshop photography and imaging are amazing too, it needs talent, great taste, and X factor that allows a person to produce great arts, sometimes i just open my mouth wide open while window-shopping people’s photo gallery, and really wondered how they do it? where did they get those ideas? etc.

to you who has interest in photography, i encourage you to get started, because you can find a lot of tutorial in internet, and cheap gears too, if you are staying in Taiwan, you can go to dcview.com, they have second handed board, when the members sells or buys cameras, and you can try it before you decide to buy them.

Untitledcan you see how easy to modify a photo ? i was using lightroom to edit this photo, and all i have to do is just click a random preset, then my photo transform into the right image, amazing right? that’s why i’m telling myself not to depends on editing.


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