what women wants

to read in novels or to watch in movies (in romance genre), from my point of view, is somewhat to be this composition:

the boy/man : love the girl so MUCH, that he’s willing to do anything to protect his lover, sacrifice everything, but he’s also a little bit mysterious, he don’t express his feelings with words, but more with his behavior, character, etc. he’s got to be strong too, ehm.having ability above average of normal person would be terrific.

the girl/woman:very normal, nothing special, and have dangerous situations (my point is that she needs to be protected or helped), naive, and although she’s “normal” she have something that make the boy can’t get her out of his mind.

what influences me the most is of course, you can guess, from twilight the novel and the movie, i’ve never read the novel nor see the movie, but i know the story.the novel became every woman’s favourite and edward cullen is every girl’s perfect knight in shining armor, i’m not sarcastic, i just want to point out, that seeing this phenomena, i sit back and realize, wow, the power of romantic fantasy! the story doesn’t have to be realistic, nor logical nor historically correct but as long as it follows the pattern which i explained on the above, boom, it’s a best seller.

you don’t have to agree with me, but this is what i thought, every single woman/girl, have this unspoken thirst, to be crazily love by her counterpart/lover, no matter if she’s a president or a head manager of a successful company, policewoman, general, etc, to have a man who’s protecting her 24-7 and guide her through difficulties.

actually i’ve been skeptic towards twilight, i didn’t have any interest because i think that the story is typical and so predictable, but it’s fictional ! what i need to do is shut down my logic thoughts and skeptic voices in my brain, and just sit down, relax, and watch it, as an entertainment, but i always said to myself, this is ridiculous, there’s no perfect boyfriend or husband, because they can’t read mind, they don’t know what i want, or sometimes even i myself is unable to decide what i want.

but i call the author as a genius, this is the first novel she published, and it’s a world bestseller, why? because she’s smartly translate to a book, what woman, well, young woman wants, a super boyfriend, handsome, mysterious, strong, willing to protect you in the price of his life.

i have a dream to publish my own novel oneday, i have a lot going on in my brain, stories, main characters, in what era i should write it, is it have to be sci-fi or just real , what country, etc. and one thing i learn from twilight, that if i want this novel to be sensational, i have to be able to read what my reader want to read.

not all of romance novel bestseller have this kind of story, but i gotta admit, i do really wish Edward Cullen kind of boy (human, not vampire) exist in real world.


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