an undeniable thrist of mine

i’m a person who always care for the other’s acceptance of me in everything i do, it’ll bother me when i know that somebody hate me or dislike me or things i’ve done.

including photography, i got to admit, i start to like photography because my senior (Bege) always praised me that i’m talented, i took great pictures with no such effort, naturally perfect, etc. actually i never know whether he said it just to make me happy, or to make me fall in love with photography. but it’s like magic, i used to see DSLR cameras as stupid lame heavy black brick, which used by professional photographer, and i didn’t even want to touch it. but all of that i began to slowly understand about photography and always want to buy one.

And good God, He listens to my prayers and He gave me a DSLR, a nikon d40, it’s second handed, my cousin asked me if i want to buy her camera, because her hubby want to upgrade to nikon d90, so now i’m waiting for it to come to taipei.

the thing that’s bothering me, that i’m afraid that all of this, the claims that i’ve made that i love photography, is just my own thirst to be praised or recognized by people. i’m afraid that all this things is just to please the other’s eyes, and i’ll try as hard as i can to get my photoes really impressive and maybe i’ll force myself to learn about photoshop really hard to polish my works. because it’ll be very tiring !!

since i never had any intentions to be a photographer, i’ll just try really hard to make my motivation pure, just to do what i like, and never let how many people watch my works on the net, or how many comments i get, to determind my own interpretation of art. i know it’s hard, because i think every human have this desire to be the center of attention deep inside their heart, and… maybe it’ll gonna take long time for me to upgrade this camera or the kit lens (the basic lens that came with the camera), but, i’m excited to really test what my senior have said to me that he thinks i’m talented (although not as talented as him, of coz), and you you’re welcome to visit my photoblog if you care enough to see what’s my style, comments or critics are ALWAYS welcomed ! private laughter

thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me, since this blog is just like a diary, it must be a bit boring to read my posts, so i really appreciate all of loyal readers of my blog


here is a kiss for all of you, haha

please don’t throw up on your keyboards, it’s not worth it, just pinch me when you meet me by person


4 Responses to “an undeniable thrist of mine”

  1. 1 'E'
    April 20, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    Just start browsing through your blogs. Very nice!. I should’ve read your blog since long time ago..

  2. 2 'E'
    April 20, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Beib..you cannot start something and be big…
    it’s good that you give it a try…
    at least you start doing it…rather than just talk nonsense(like me):P
    maybe you can find a good mentor for some tips..
    just open your heart for comments…I think they’ll make u grow
    haha…hope u won’t mind me giving critics..I can be very picky…hoho

    reading this article really motivate me to start doing what I like..rather than being passive…hoho


  3. April 20, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    first, are u migho??
    you’re VERY welcomed to give critics,
    praises only make me “GR” and arrogant.

    thank you for ur comment!

  4. 4 Wilson
    April 21, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    sapa lage fun_emi kalo bkn migho..haha
    apalage signature XOXO nya tuh..haha

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