red cliff II — 赤壁下


i watched the second episode of red cliff a couple of hours after i’ve done my final exams, it felt really great to see a great movie after doing a battle for a week with lack of sleep.

so finally this movie are showing in theatres, i watched the first movie with high expectations, because takeshi kaneshiro and vicky zhao are in this movie, and in taiwan they put a LOT of posters and advertisement, but i kinda dissapointed with the ending of the first because they cut it on the part where the viewers’ adrenaline were pumped to the climax, and suddenly “to be continued” .

my grandpa, my brother LOVVEEESS  the three kingdom story to death, my grandpa talks about it everytime he visited my house, and my brother loves it because he’s weird and he played three kingdoms games on playstation (well, i did too). And my chinese teacher used to tell some of the famous part of the story (which i don’t know from the novel or the real historical facts, but it was interesting anyway, so it’s ok for me)

aside from the mass changes from the real story, this movie is not bad, especially the strategy preparations and also the battle fields, BUT! if you compare this with The Lord of the Rings battles…. the battles on red cliff seems cheap and too easy to win, the only “losses” were just some of the warlords died, and the battle were pretty fast to end for me, it’s not like i’m a big fan of battle scenes, but it’s a movie about battle !!

well i guess it’s not fair to compare with lord of the rings because the budget aren’t the same, and for asian movie, this movie is really good, and you don’t have to understand about the history of the three kingdom to understand the story, it’s watchable for any age (well, with the violence and some sex scenes from the first episode, i guess it’s above 18).

for me this movie is 3.9 of 5 star.


2 Responses to “red cliff II — 赤壁下”

  1. 1 henrygunawan
    February 1, 2009 at 11:10 am

    minta gambarmu ya buat dimasukkan ke wordpressku. Hehehehe
    Aku sudah cari dimana-mana tapi gak ketemu. Ternyata di blogmu ada.
    Thanks Thanks. ^^

  2. February 1, 2009 at 11:15 am

    ho… gpp kok
    ternyata ada mbaca blog ku, hehe

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