today i heard a lecture about US economy and finance, how the current world economy crisis began to happen, why, and how they will affect the other nations.

i felt sad, i just don’t want the 97-98 economy crisis to happen again, but i think it can’t be avoided since the situation is already very serius (especially in US).

is this the signs that US’ dominant super power will be handed to other country? i’m curious how long US dollars can maintain it’s position as world’s international exchange money, and how will they face the fact that their domestic property market is in a chaos (the people’s idea about credit is different from the conservative asians).

in the bible, it was written that someday, the price of bread will be 1 dinar, which is the standard salary for a day for everyone, which means that one day the prices will go up to the sky, but the salary isn’t. I believe in God’s words. but i have to admit i am nervous these days, with Rupiah weakening day by days, and as you see, there’s no where to run now, neither to “wealthy” western counrty or “poor” third world country, there is no unshakeable thing in the world, the economy always declining (as far as i know). all i know is that my God is unshakeable, so, be strong fellas, get a grip and don’t  be blown away by this 國際金融海嘯 (int’l finance tsunami).

you can choose more than one

please vote, and write comments on how you think about the world’s crisis now.



3 Responses to “Gloomy”

  1. 1 wilson
    December 13, 2008 at 4:35 am

    Indonesian Rupiah!!haha

  2. 2 BeGe
    December 15, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    i`m interpreting it as at the end of the day, there will only one currency used by all nations in the world. Currency system had caused chaos and turmoil in past history, not to mention Asian Economic Crisis ten years ago was utterly caused by this currency system.
    World`s financial system will be more than efficient and won`t facing this kind of turmoil if only just one currency is being used.

    Anyway, is it snowing out there?


  3. December 16, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    @ wilson: amin! (sori bege)
    @ bege: it’s snowing here thanks to wordpress….. maksut comment lu itu, nanti bakal hanya ada 1 mata uang di dunia? tebakanku sih nanti euro bakal jadi the ONLY money

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