well, after all I got to admit that i was lazy to write anything, because I have my mom who listens to me, haha, but now I’m back…

I’m busy with school which is 2 times harder than last year, with lots lots of homework and reports, and this time I HAVE to study, no more excuses.

last Sunday, my uncle and my cousin came to taipei, only for 1 night, the next day they went back to indonesia, well, since my cousin is my unofficial postman, i have to meet him since he brought some stuff that my mom sent me, and my uncle (who love to eat and have money to eat in fancy resto) treat us to eat in shinkong mitsukoshi’s underground food corner, there was a teppanyaki restaurant, and the food was great, the cuttlefish is HEAVEN in my mouth, it’s just amazing.  But the funny part is…. the hotel receptionist, the taxi driver, even the people in the restaurant were staring at us weirdly, well, my cousin and my uncle ( they are not father and son ) is very close and they joked and laughed all the time about business and work, well, they joked with me too, but not too much, sooo…. all the people were staring at us and wondered, i assumed, they have these choices :

  • i’m the indo-chinese translator hired by 2 foreigners
  • i’m the indo-chinese translator hired to accompany them as a “couple” (yes, i mean gay, they were joking and laughed happily all the time)
  • i’m one of their girlfriend
  • i’m their sister or something

haha, i found this really funny, maybe it’s hard for you to understand what am i saying here, but we don’t look alike at all as a family, and my uncle is a young-looking man (he is the youngest uncle actually) and we are all close to each other so we jokes about everything. I’m enjoying those people discussing about us, and kept wondered what are our relations, it was a fun night, and i’m happy to meet family, it’s nice and bring the homey feeling for me.


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