i got home

and find almost everything had changed


(explanation: my hometown is called surabaya city, sura is shark and baya is crocodile, there’s a long story myth about this 2 animals that shaped the history of my city)

for only 1 short year I left my home, but there are so many changings, not in my house, but in my families and friends’ lifes, i went to church and find that the decoration is very different, i met some of my highschool fellas, and they are different too, the tomboy girls becomes feminine (carrying “tante2” handbags, wearing high heels, make up, etc). and i feel that i don’t fit here anymore, feel like an alien among humans, i can’t imagine what if i hadn’t choose to go to taiwan and just be here like everybody else, what if i’m carrying those “tante2” handbags that i hate so much? what if i went to a local university here? maybe i’ll be just like them, which is not bad or anything, it’s just me, who think so much lately.

one of my mom’s cousin is dying of bone cancer, it’s already too late when they find about the cancer, already the 4th stadium, so i’m guessing that there’s no much time left for her and her kids, feel so miserable about this news, because some women in my mom’s family tree died because of cancer, which means i have to be careful.

my lovely cousin’s wedding party is coming, she’s extremely busy, her mother too, i feel honored that she chose me to be her bridemaid, and she’s very liberal that my bridemaid dress isn’t white colored, like other bridemaids, mine is dark brown, well, maybe the guests won’t be aware if i’m the bridesmaid, haha, it’s okay, i’m “dare to be different”.

it’s such a war in my head, one side keep says that i don’t belong here anymore, the faster i go back to taiwan the better, but the other side says that there is no place better than home, i don’t have to do any chores, never have to cook, wash, clean, and i have my parents by my side to provide me everything i need. @@

the only thing that haven’t changed is the food, of course, it’s still as delicious as before, even tastes better because i haven’t eat them for a long time.



bihun bebek jakarta


pepes ikan


ice cream zangrandi


ayam betutu




and many more….

(i ate those food, but the pictures are from google)


4 Responses to “i got home”

  1. 1 BeGe
    September 14, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    tante2 handbag,hahahahahahaa

    i`d like to have a view of vania in bridemaid gown!!!!!!!!
    upload pic, pleaseeeee

  2. 2 moccavanilla
    September 15, 2008 at 11:52 am

    hahaha, smoga Mr clay mau foto2in …

  3. 3 ev
    September 22, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    aku ya mauuuuuuuu
    aku mau pulaaaaaaaaaannnnnngggggg
    mamaaaaaa……… >.<

  4. 4 moccavanilla
    September 22, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    cup cup cup….
    ya nanti bln 2 lho, pulango…

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