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I’m really so lucky to be born in a modern era where everyone can write freely what they want in internet, and i used to write about my daily life and my thoughts that often not that appropriate to be exposed, or i just can’t find anyone to share to, maybe I’m afraid that people will think that I’m goofy and nerdy, that’s why I kept all my thinkings in my head, and just write some part of it here.

however, since last year, I hooked up with photography, and got a little bit busy ever since, because you know, it’s something new for me, and so I spend more time to update my photoblogs than this blog, I feel guilty, but live in Taiwan, i felt that my life is so busy and full of pressure, not that I’m complaining, but just to tell the loyal readers why i seemed to neglect this blog. lately I’ve also made new blog, it’s called fisherman horizon, you can find the link at the sidebar, there i wrote about my diary of spiritual journey, it’s more related to christianity and bible, I tried to separate “religious” writings with “secular” writings, but then i find that it’s impossible, because, I’m a christian, and therefore my point of view, my thinkings are very “biased” (although i don’t think that it’s biased, it’s just me). I am me, so I’ll not be afraid for my friends to think of me that I’m “too religious” because actually 24hours a day, that’s my way of thinking, so, I’ll be true to myself, and not letting the worries of “what will people think of me” get in the way, nothing much will change though, I’ll just write light, daily stuff, but maybe with more amount of honesty towards myself and God compared to what I wrote here.

I won’t close this blog, it’ll still available, but I’ll write there more often, thanks for your attention, i know most of you come because you search for Josh Holloway, he’s quite a nice guy, but there’s an amazing friend that is a lot nicer than him, His name is Jesus, and go to my fisherman horizon blog to know much more about Him and His love letters, God bless you!


Anda WANITA CANTIK yang mencari ORANG KAYA? (via Share it Through your Blackberry)

it’s quite funny and honest question from a women who wants to know how to get hitched to a rich man, but it’s in indonesian, use google translate if you are interested in this topic.

Bagi Anda-anda WANITA CANTIK di luar sana yg merasa SANGAT BANGGA DENGAN KECANTIKAN ANDA dan bahkan merasa Anda BISA MENDAPATKAN SEGALANYA HANYA DENGAN BERMODAL TAMPANG SAJA……SILAKAN BACA INI TERLEBIH DAHULU : Surat dari cewek cantik yang ingin mendapatkan pria kaya yang dimuat di suatu majalah. Suratnya ditanggapi oleh seorang pria kaya dengan serius. Bagus kata-katanya dan jangan lupa lihat nama pria yang membalas suratnya. Seorang gadis muda d … Read More

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Yang perlu kita ketahui Ttg peristiwa GaZa (via Share it Through your Blackberry)

Saya rasa penting kita mendengar ke 2 sisi dari peristiwa yg saat ini terjadi. Demo mengutuki Israel byk terjadi di seluruh dunia, bahkan gereja Katolikpun di Semarang turut mengecam peristiwa terakhir ini. Saya baru baca sebuah penulisan yg memberikan pandangan sisi lain. Kalau kita baca surat kabar atau majalah di seluruh dunia, mereka sedang mengutuki perbuatan Israel. Yang tertulis dan dilaporkan benar2 hanya satu sisi, kita perlu melihat sis … Read More

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hi, i’m just practicing wordpress’ reblog option, this post is in indonesian, it’s about gaza and israel-palestine never-ending problems, unlike US or any other US friendly- countries, indonesian news towards middle east is ALWAYS anti-israel, anti-west, so it’s easy to brainwash the people of indonesia to hate Israel and easily used by irresponsible fanatics to brainwash their follower to put the guilt on the non related, innocent indonesian christians and churches.


so cute

that’s what i was thinking when i saw this cute pose, these 2 people are korean movie actors, they have a romantic comedy coming, and what i like is that the lead guy isn’t the typical handsome ideal prince, just ordinary man with bad temperament, i wish i can watch this movie soon, but i have to wait for chinese/english sub version to come out first….

the trailer of the movie



[my own photo! yay! don’t have to copy from google again!]

if i can turn back the time (to you who think that this topic is absolutely nonsense, stop reading now)

there’s this one thing that i would cancel.

i’d like to cancel my very own 17th birthday party,


it’s really very complicated,

let me tell you about what 17th birthday party means to a chinese indonesian girl

for most of the girls in my family, school. neighborhood, 17th birthday party is sacred, Continue reading ‘apologetic’


regina spektor-raindrops

very cute song and cute caricature


recycling photos

this is a post related to photography, i don’t intend to sound like a pro, but “always get it right” isn’t my motto, because since we have editing programs, we can crop and rotate, and here i want to show you, never discard any photos in your camera, discard the ones you don’t like after seeing it in the computer, not just that sometimes your camera’s little screen is deceitful, but also you can still save that picture. the question is how??

i’m using adobe photoshop lightroom to edit almost my every photos posted on flickr and aminus3, and today i’ll show you how i make a good photo out of an ordinary photo.

case #1



in my opinion, the edited version is much more interesting than the raw version. i only rotate it a little bit and add more contrast.

case #2:



after elimination of other leaf on the left, the focus of the photo is in the center, make it more interesting and easier to be “consumed” by the eyes.

actually, it’s all depends on feeling, because i have done this even before i know about the “framing law” in the world of digital imaging (by imagining there are 9 invisible blocks to fill in every frame) , so take more pictures, make more mistakes, learn from them and it’s not bad to play a little bit with editing software, good luck!

it’s me!

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